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Let us Accelerate your application for you!

    FPGA hardware design can be extremely difficult. Even for experienced hardware designers, it can easily takes months or more to design and verify a hardware system. We are a team of FPGA experts, who have a deep understanding of all aspects of FPGAs, from their low-level circuit architectures, to CAD algorithms which are used to place and route designs onto the architectures, to implementing high-performance designs in RTL for various application domains. We have decades of experience in working with FPGAs and have more than 80 conference/journal publications and 20 patents in the field of FPGA architecture, CAD algorithms, and high-level synthesis.

    We are here to help accelerate your design. Depending on your needs, we can design a complete system from start to finish, from creating system specification all the way to verification. We can also design IP cores to be integrated into your existing system. We can design your application in software and synthesize it to hardware with LegUp, or we can directly implement the application in RTL. Contact us to inquire about our expert design services!


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