LegUp-powered Intelligent Network Processing on Cloud FPGAs

By Ruolong Lian,


As network bandwidths continue to increase from 10 Gbps to 25Gbps and beyond, cloud users need to be able to process high-bandwidth network traffic intelligently, to perform real-time computation or to gain insight into network traffic for detecting security or service issues.

We live in an exciting time, with FPGA cloud instances now available from Amazon and Alibaba. Traditionally, FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays) have been used in network switches or for high-frequency financial trading because of their superior ability to perform high-bandwidth network processing. We believe many cloud applications that require high-speed network and data stream processing can achieve 10X better latency and throughput on a cloud FPGA compared to a standard commodity server.

LegUp Cloud FPGA Platform

We have developed a cloud FPGA platform that makes it easier for a software developer trying to program high-speed data processing on a cloud FPGA. Behind the scenes, the LegUp platform hides all the low-level details of getting network traffic to/from the FPGA and handling the network layer. We currently support AWS F1 FPGA instances.

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