World’s Fastest Cloud-Hosted Memcached: 11M+ Ops/sec at 0.3 msec Latency with a Single AWS F1

By Jongsok Choi,

We are pleased to present the world’s fastest cloud-hosted Memcached on AWS using EC2 F1 (FPGA) instances. With a single F1 instance, LegUp’s Memcached server prototype achieves over 11M ops/sec, a 9X improvement over ElastiCache, at <300 μs latency. It offers 10X better throughput/$ and up to 9X lower latency compared to ElastiCache. Please refer to our 1-page handout for more details.

If you would like a demo of the Memcached server, please contact us at




Accelerated Memcached on AWS Cloud FPGA (F1)

By Jongsok Choi,

On our last blog post, we wrote about using LegUp to perform networking processing on AWS cloud FPGAs (F1). In this post, we describe accelerating Memcached on AWS F1.

Memcached is a high-performance distributed in-memory key-value store, widely deployed by companies such as Flickr, Wikipedia and WordPress. Memcached is typically used to speed up dynamic web applications by caching chunks of data (strings, objects) in RAM, which alleviates the load on the back-end database.

The figure below shows a typically deployment where Memcached is used as a caching layer to provide fast accesses to data for front-end web servers. When the data is found on a Memcached server, trips to disk storage are avoided (i.e. disk stores attached to the back-end databases). Memcached is also used by Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube.

memcached setup

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