Publication at 2018 HEART Conference: Accelerating Memcached on AWS Cloud FPGAs

By Jongsok Choi,

We were invited to publish our AWS F1 Memcached acceleration work at the 2018 International Symposium on Highly-Efficient Accelerators and Reconfigurable Technologies (HEART). Our paper describes in detail the Memcached accelerator on AWS F1 as well as many of the interesting things (good and bad) that we learned about the F1 infrastructure along the way.

J. Choi, R. Lian, Z. Li, A. Canis, J. Anderson, “Accelerating Memcached on AWS Cloud FPGAs”, HEART 2018 (PDF)

Live Demo of the World’s Fastest Cloud-Hosted Memcached on AWS F1

By Jongsok Choi,

We are excited to release a live demo of our Memcached server accelerator on AWS F1. Click here to try out the live demo!

In the demo, we will automatically spin up two AWS EC2 instances for you (for free) so that you can easily try out our FPGA Memcached server accelerator. An F1 instance is programmed as the Memcached server and an M4 CPU instance is used as the client to run the memtier_benchmark. Note that starting the two instances can take a few minutes, so please be patient if the demo page takes some time to load.

As shown below, the demo page shows two terminal windows, one for the client and another for the server. In the client window, you will be able to choose the number of connections and the number of requests to the Memcached server to start the benchmark. While a test is running, the server window shows the packets-per-second (PPS) received and sent by the F1 instance. As described in our previous blog post, 700K is the maximum PPS on F1. When the test finishes, the client windows shows the measured throughput and latency to the Memcached server. For the demo, we use 100-byte data values, 1:1 set/get ratio, and Memcached pipelining of 16.memcached_demo

Click here to try out the live demo!

If you want to run another test, simply click the “Rerun” button. If you are done, please remember to click the “Exit” button, so others may use the demo.

For any questions, please contact us at