LegUp 6.5 Release!

By Zhi Li,

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We are excited to announce that LegUp 6.5 has been released! You can download LegUp here.

Release Notes

New features and bug fixes for this release:

  • Support for arbitrary bitwidth integers using the ap_uint C++ class. LegUp can now support operations on integers with more than 64 bits which wasn’t possible with our previous C-based arbitrary bitwidth datatypes.
  • AXI-Stream interfaces can also be created by using FIFOs containing structs with ap_uint elements:
#include "legup/ap_int.hpp"
struct axiWord {
     legup::ap_uint<128> data;
     legup::ap_uint<16> keep;
     legup::ap_uint<1> last;

void kernel(legup::FIFO<axiWord> &input_fifo, legup::FIFO<axiWord> &output_fifo) {
     axiWord currWord = input_fifo.read();
     if (currWord.last) currWord.data += 10;
  • Co-simulation supports the new ap_uint types.
  • Various bug fixes


LegUp 6.5 comes with a 30-day free trial period so that you can try out the tool. Please note that during the trial period, you may only use LegUp for evaluation purposes, and the generated hardware cannot be used in a commercial product. To purchase a full license, please contact us at sales@legupcomputing.com.


You can download LegUp here.

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