System C Support in LegUp

By Zhi Li,

High-level synthesis using C++ works very well for designers describing data-flow applications like digital signal processing or video/image processing. But for certain control heavy applications, such as a bus controller, a designer will have trouble describing the cycle accurate behavior of the hardware in C++. We decided to help fix this problem by adding support for System C as an input language to LegUp HLS.

System C is a standard C++ library that allows a designer to specify cycle-accurate behavior. Typically System C is used for system-level modeling of a larger system. System C offers the advantage of faster simulation time than running RTL simulations while still being able to measure cycle-accurate behavior.

System C explicitly describes the cycle behavior of the application. There is no flexibility for the operations to be scheduled into different clock cycles like when C++ is used in LegUp HLS. This provides the user with very fine-grained control over the behavior of the generated hardware.

AHB-Lite Bus Slave Controller Example

For an example of a control-heavy application, we will implement a simplified AHB-Lite bus slave controller in System C. We will focus on how to implement the part of the bus protocol that requires cycle-accurate control: the error response code.

For background, the AHB-Lite bus protocol has two possible responses (HRESP) from the slave to the master. First, if the transaction was successful the HRESP will be OKAY (0) but if there was an error there will be a two cycle delay and HRESP will be ERROR (1). See the waveforms below:

AHB-Lite HRESP Error

Figure 1: AHB-Lite HRESP Error Response (Image source: AMBA 3 AHB-Lite 1.0 Spec)


The 2-cycle delay behavior when an error occurs is hard for a designer to express in typical LegUp HLS C++ code. But with System C, we can use the wait() function to introduce a 1-cycle delay.
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LegUp 7.3 Release

By Zhi Li,

We are excited to announce that LegUp 7.3 has been released! You can download LegUp here.

Release Notes

New features, enhancements and bug fixes for this release:

  • Added alpha support for System C. Check out our blog post for more details.
  • Added support for ap_int type (arbitrary bitwidth for signed integers, previously only unsigned integers were supported for arbitrary bitwidth)
  • Improvements to the LegUp GUI
  • Various bug fixes.


LegUp 7.3 comes with a 30-day free trial period so that you can try out the tool. Please note that during the trial period, you may only use LegUp for evaluation purposes, and the generated hardware cannot be used in a commercial product. To purchase a full license, please contact us at


You can download LegUp here.